Toll-Free Service

In today's business world, a company needs to be as easy to reach as they can be, and that is where Morse can help. We provide Toll-Free service that allows your customers to call you worry free. In addition, we include a full host of time of day, day of the week, as well as geographic routing. These tools give you full control over how calls are routed within your organization to ensure you and your staff never miss an important call, or are bothered by calls that should have been handled by your staff. If you already have Toll-Free service from another company, you can move to Morse service and keep the same Toll-Free number while gaining access to all of our state-of-the-art capabilities.

Morse Toll-Free makes it easy for you to make it easy for your customers.

Call Area Allowing and/or Blocking

Morse allows you to accept Toll-Free calls only from designated areas if you wish.
You can have your account set up to only get calls from the areas that make sense for your business. This allows you to stay in touch with your customers, and suppliers, without the hassle of calls that are well outside your business area. Calls from outside these areas will not be connected. This can save you, and your staff, time by ensuring the only calls you receive are from legitimate customers.

Customized Summary

Provides you with a customizable summary of your incoming call traffic. Choose to see your calls sorted by duration, where the calls originated, time of calls, or the most frequent originating numbers. This allows you to track where your calls come from. This can make targeting advertisements much more effective as you know the areas where your existing customers are calling from, and the areas where they are not.

Our Toll-Free Service also include:

  • Message Referral - Time of Day Routing
  • Day of Week Routing - Call Allocation

Service Guides/Tariffs

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Tariffs and Service Guides

Links to our service guides and tariffs are listed below. Files are in PDF format and are viewable through Acrobat Reader or any word processing program that supports PDF format.

Service Guides

Service Guide

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