What Is Morse

Never miss a customer.

Morse is revolutionizing the Toll-Free industry by offering both Toll-Free 1-800 number texting, as well as text enabling your existing business landline numbers. We know in the business world time equals money, and our systems are designed to make interacting with your clients via text messages a quick and easy process. Our enhanced easy-to-use portal allows you to delegate to whom, and how incoming text messages are assigned on your text enabled 800 Toll-Free phone number. Morse empowers your different personnel groups with the ability to simultaneously support multiple client requests. You can handle texts such as reservations, while you text with suppliers, all while our automated response systems handle the more repetitive, lower level customer interactions of every business without you lifting a finger. With our automated response system detecting when a client texts you key words, such as “hours” of operation, and automatically responding instantly with your business hours, or other information. Your employees never have their attention pulled from a client by an inconvenient phone call asking for basic information.

This leaves employees free to focus on more complex requests or in person interactions with your customer base, creating better experiences and more loyal customers. Our system functions just like regular texting, so it is easy for new employees to pick up and grasp without requiring any specialized knowledge or training. Our easy to use interface enables employees to interact directly with customers and by removing as many routine tasks as possible, employees are better able to focus on the remaining more complex requests by clients. Let us show you how a simple, automatic response system tied into your 1-800 number can free up expensive employee hours from answering the same simple questions.

Landline Texting

We'll text-enable your existing, trusty business landline AND we'll text-enable your Toll-Free number too.

Toll-Free Texting

We text-enable your existing Toll-Free number for full texting capabilities. Need a Toll-Free? We've got your back.

Instant Responses

Custom automated text responses give your customers what they want, at the speed of business.

Personal Responses

Just like regular texting, you and your employees can respond on your own. Keeps that intimate customer connection intact.

Unlimited Responses

Fully customized. If you can think it, you can set it up. Create as many Auto Responses to typical and all potential questions. Smart.

Simple Dashboard

Access your dashboard across all devices; mobile, tablet, computer. See data. Tweak and Manage everything.